A Man Like None Other Chapter 982

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A Man Like None Other Chapter 982

Synopsis A Man Like None Other:

Protect Mr. Chance! Protect Mr. Chance!”
The heaps of humans armed with weapons chanted loudly.
“What a bunch of impudence fools!”
Enoch narrowed his eyes and thrust each his arms forward.
A large shockwave of martial energy knocked a dozen human beings in the front of him into the air. Their our bodies couldn’t cope with the massive amount of martial electricity and exploded mid-air, resulting in a gory rain of blood, fragments of limbs, and viscera.
Everyone was horrified by the scene. Even Tommy and Phoenix trembled slightly. However, anyone stood their ground.
“Get out of the manner! I don’t need to dedicate any greater useless killing!”

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A Man Like None Other Chapter 982

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Authors: Anonymous
Genres: Adventure & Action
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Title: A Man Like None Other
Status: Ongoing

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