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After breakfast, her cell phone rang.

She took out her mobile phone and saw the words ‘Fu Yechen’ jumping on the screen, her face suddenly gloomy.

Fu Yechen sent her a message yesterday, but she didn’t reply, so he couldn’t wait to call today.

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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2111

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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2111

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Read When His Eyes Opened Novel Chapter 2111

Authors: Simple Silence
Genres: Romance
Views: 51.5M
Title: When His Eyes Opened
Status: Ongoing

Synopsis When His Eyes Opened:


“Oh, did you buy it? Was it some thing advanced by Bridgedale? I’ve heard that cell telephones have a positioning device. But if the phone is grew to become off, it’ll now not be able to locate.” Nick is very interested in this positioning chip.

“I didn’t buy it. The chip in my mother’s cellphone can be located despite the fact that the smartphone is grew to become off. The premise is that there may be a corresponding base station. Bridgedale has such a base station, but you don’t have one right here.” Hayden’s answer made Nick stressed.